To all my designer friends

1. The idea for the logo is...
2. I already told you the colors, the typography...
    remember... modern
3. No worries is all clear
4. He will love this idea
7. I love it, just change the type and that's it
9. The type is great now lets make the colors better
12. I gave it a good thought and i think we should do
something completely new...

For dominicans

1. YUMM... My favorite breakfast.
2. Mangú, huevo, cebolla... me falta algo.
3. shiiit.. ¿What could that be?...

Miércoles (wednesday)

Como me sentí hoy.

How I felt today.


1. today is wednesday
2. It feels like thrusday
3. But I want it to be is saturday

For a wedding cake

My dear friends Luli and Nelson got married last friday and they asked to make an illustration for there wedding cake which I happily did. It came out really pretty and so them. Like everything else there. Am so happy for them and wish them the best.

Am sorry I've being so quiet lately I just being very busy I'll try my best to keep up the blog, but please hang there, there's a lot to come (working on it).

Love, Karla

P.s. I'll try to get a good picture of it on the cake.