V Catálogo Iberoamericano de Ilustración

Con estas piezas estoy participando en la convocatoria 2014 de Iberoamérica Ilustra 

Con los dedos cruzados esperando los resultados.

Medio: Digital

Anita La Ballenita

This Book saw the light a long time ago but is still to this date is one of my favorite projects. Story Written by Fernando (Che) Muñoz, Art direction by Karen Brunat and I and Illustrated by Me. Agency: Partener's Ogilvy.

The King

Character and scene design for a children's story. Written by Yina Guerreo.

Doggie House First Coloring Book

This was a donation for a cause I believe in; helping the street dogs in my country. Doggie House does an amazing job. The cover and all interior illustrations of this educational coloring book was made with love by me.

Self Portrait

I had a long time without painting I thought I would give it try.

Aniversario El Día

News paper front cover and 360 ad campaign for El Día Newspaper Anniversary. 

Proposal for one specific piece of the campaign.

Both are hand drawings vectorized and colored in Adobe Cs5.

Postcard for the Scotia Bank

Created fully in Adobe CS5