Title: She is Wolf.

Today I've worked so hard to get my store on Society6 going. Am so exited and happy about. Please visit and see all the great products am offering there with my illustrations. And if you really love something so ahead an buy something I bet you'll keep it close to your heart.

Thank you for the support you guys give me and I thank you all in advance for the support you'll give me in this new step. Down here some of the options in this illustration. And you can buy more illustrations, I have used all the favorites you've seen here on the blog. Again Thanks.

Love, Karla


I know I just post the Pastel Illustration. But I also just open My shop on Society6 and couldn't resist to make a new version of it and make available for prints Here. Go On get your own copy on Print, framed or on canvas :) Am so happy about this step and can't wait to upload more.

Love, Karla

2011 Soft Pastels Illustration

I have this one framed on my bedroom and I love it.

How to use your pareo, Beachwear by VIK

I made a 10 ways to use your Pareo manual for a Dominican handmade Brand Beachwear by VIK. Came out pretty cute and practical on a 8.5" x 11" inches folded paper. Soon I'll post a picture of how it looks printed and how it folds.

But here some of the illustrations I created for it.

Have a great day and don't forget to check their pareos on facebook and Instagram.

Love, Karla

Illustration Friday: Wool

This is my illustration Winter Wool, for my first post on Illustration Friday. For years I've being meaning to make a post on this web page, but never got to it, until today. Planing on making more, is so much fun and it gives me the opportunity to practice and show my work. I hope you like. Visit their Web page to see the rest of the illustrations on This week Topic Wool. There are many talented illustrators participating.


This weekend we celebrated Valentines day. It was simple, it was perfect. Hope you had a great one too. Here is a illustration for last years Valentine's ice cream flavor at Helados BON (Biscotino) This year season Flavor is Choco-Cherry and is very delicious. 

Advertisement Agency: Young and Rubicam Damaris
Creative Director: Nelson González 
Art Director: Myself


I can't even explain how I felt watching this movie, or what I would've done to Kevin, if I was in his mom's (Tilda Swinton) place. hehehe Am a good person but Wow Kevin you really made me think about murder for a second. If you've seen this movie, I bet you felt the same way.

But really, this is such a good movie, I had to make a fan Poster for it. That actually came out pretty cool, I think this would make a really good book cover.

have you seeing it? did you liked it? and If you have do you like this poster.

Is all digital and the typography was hand written by me.

Love this band

I've heard a couple of songs of them but actually had no Idea Who they where until last night when I made a quest on finding out who this new(to me) band was. The song I was hearing on the radio was  Ho Hey that actually reminds me to the song Home from Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. One of my all time favorite. I'll share that song too and the end of the post. But after searching, I realized there was another song of them I love; Stubborn Love.

So here are the songs I've enjoyed the most of them. 

And yes I still listen to the radio(good Stations), specially on my way to work and back. Nothing is more exiting than listen to a song many times and having to find out who they are and what other songs they have. And most of the times you hear a song you had a long time without hearing or just wouldn't think of hearing or don't have on your endless itunes library but makes you happy.

Do you still listen to the radio like me?

Love, Karla

P.S. A newer song of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic  Zeros to fall for is Child and the video is so touchy.