I made this illustration for two of my favorite people, Karen & Joan. Hope they enjoy it at there home as much as I did making it. I'll take a picture of the print in their home and post it later.

Love, Karla

Ps: Just finished watching Les Misérables what an amazing movie. Heart breaking & completely beautiful. Couldn't stop thinking about my dad while watching it, Victor Hugo's master piece was one of my dad's old time favorite. And I most say Anne Hathaway made me cry over and over again.


I know is not Christmas anymore but this video is so cute I had to share. If you've seen before sorry, just don't click on it, unless you feel like to and if you have seen it, most likely you feel like to. Hope you have an amazing week.

I promise to post more illustrations really soon, maybe even tonight.  I just being super busy with the wedding plans and a lot of work that I hope to be able to share with you all very soon.

Love, Karla