Urban look

This morning I was looking around Pinterest real quick when I found this picture on my friends Maria Bolonotto Fashion Hipster Board. Something about this outfit just called my attention instantly. So on my lunch break I decided to make an Illustration of it. Check this outfit on Asos Fashion finder where the stylist made a achive this look and if you want to see more of her outfits you can follow her  Blog, Chic All Over.

Esta mañana mientras chequeaba Pinterest rápidamente, encontré esta foto en el Board Fashion Hipster de mi amiga Maria Bolonotto. Algo acerca de este outfit me llamó la atención instantaneamente. Así que en mi break del almuerzo hice una illustración con ella. Mira este outfit en Asos Fashion finder donde la estilista hizo un logra este look y si quieres ver más creaciaciones de ella puedes seguir su Blog, Chic All Over.

10 comentarios:

  1. OMG!!! Simply amazing! I feel honored, and you made my day!
    The picture is sooo pretty, I love it! Thanks so much!



    1. And you've made mine with this comment feel free to post it on your blog veronica. :) and if you want a bigger file let me know i'll send it your way :)

  2. Respuestas
    1. You are so swett, thank you so much for your comments and for following. Love your style Ill be following you too.

  3. love your illustrations
    your very good
    You made those on Adobe Illustrator?


    1. Thank you april!
      This one was actually started at illustrator but finish in photoshop. :) Thanks for visiting and following my blog my blog!

  4. You are very talented Karla, love your work, following u back of course with pleasure