I have an announcement

I know I've being pretty quiet lately and I haven't make any monday post and for that am sorry but I've being crazy busy. But am going to make it up to you soon. 

On another subject last night I went to bed dreaming about going to Disney World, I haven't being there since I was 11. And I a remember as a kid dreaming about working there maybe as a princesse I knew that was the only way I could be a princess because my parents weren't part of any royalty family jejeje. And know as a designer and illustrator still will be a dream job.

But to show my honesty about my love for Disney, here are some pictures of my last year Fiona costume for Halloween at my office. We all go with them on and spend all day long with them on and acting like our characters and then we have a party. And Shrek and I where the Boom, we won First place along with a group of barbies, most say they were cute too and had a real Barbie car. But spend a day as Fiona, with people taking picture with us was one of the most amazing experiences.

By the way I design and put together my costume, from picking the fabric to my pink lipstick all done in only 3 days, crazy right?

But this isn't the announcement the announcement is...

James and I have being together since november 2010, we love each other. This man is my prince charming, he makes me smiles, he supports me, we share dreams, he is my better half.
I thank God for having him in my life.

We live 3 and a half hours away from each other but in a few months he will move to my city, we can't wait for that to happen.

Sunday mornings are very special to us, but this one I will remember for ever. It was the morning the man of my dreams told me there was no one else in the world he will like to spend the rest of his life with.

It was cute and romantic and the light in the room pink. I LOVE YOU JAMES and like you I can't wait start our life together. 
Thank you for making me so freaking happy.

By the way the connection with disney and the news is that we might go to Orlando for our honeymoon. :)We think It will be fun, have any of you had your honeymoon there or have visit lately and have some advise?

(this picture of us was actually taken by his sister last year on our visit to his family at his home town Yakima, WA)

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  1. cuteeee and sweeeet , and all a girl dreams of having! :D good LUUUUCK! <3

  2. Me encanta tu forma de ilustrar las fotografías!!!
    Me he quedado fascinada!


    1. Gracias Maria, voy de camino a tu blog :)

  3. congratulations, you are lovely couple!!!